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The City At Night

I love the city of Sydney, especially at night. As cliché as it sounds, no matter where I am in the world, Sydney is always going to be the place I call home.

Last Friday, I wandered through the chill of an early spring evening with a friend who braved the cold to join me. Despite the chaos, traffic and bustling activity that usually occurs in cbd buildings, the bokeh effect gives each scene a very sombre and isolated feeling.

Ernst & Young.

Ernst & Young is my favourite corporate building in Sydney. It’s got an amazing architectural staircase that signifies for me, the beginning of the business end of CBD. Bright lights, symmetry, a plethora of lines. I’m hooked.

The rubbish truck at night

The night time rubbish crew, cleaning up when the working day is over.

Traffic to go

A night time traffic jam.

Hustle. Bustle. Silent, chaos. It’s always my home.



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6 Responses

  1. TessaG says:

    Wow – your photographs are amazing Paula!
    I like how the Bokeh treatment makes everything blurry…yet you have made the blurs into stars. Very Christmas-y…beautiful images 🙂

  2. Kerrib says:

    I have never seen a rubbish truck look so beautiful. Loving your blog and the imagery.

  3. Hans says:

    Great photography Paula.

    I read your first post, and understood how to make the “filter”. But I must be missing something. if you only have one shape at how do you get the effect of having many shapes over the whole picture?


    • paulamx says:

      Hi Hans, a good question too!

      The multiple shapes are actually blurred lights in the background. The more lights you have that is outside the depth of field, the more shapes will be produced. That’s where you can start to be creative too and begin positioning lights where you want them. One of the images in my first post used red fairy lights, hence the multiple red hearts 🙂

      Hope that’s not too confusing!

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