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To bokeh, or not to bokeh.

Ah, bokeh photography. Who on earth would blog solely about blurry images? Half the time, you can’t even see anything!

Step in me, another online amateur photographer and blogger, and voila, here is Bokehlicious. Confusing to some, but loved by many, Bokeh is a creative field of photography that I have loved from the start (without knowing that the Japanese had given it a term!).

To understand this, let’s go back in time to when I was 9. Being the runt of the litter, I’d usually be given the odd jobs by any adults within an arms reach. Paula, fetch me another glass, Paula, film this. Paula, take a photo of that. And being only 3 foot tall at that time (estimate), there’s only so much you can do from an average persons knee height (exaggeration). I self-taught myself composition and how to frame the world visually from a hobbits point of view. My grandfather passed away and his Pentax Asahi found its way to its new owner and my interest in photography was planted.

Pushing the boundaries, or purposely not acknowledging them, has been my approach to photography, much like anything else. There has got to be more than just point and shoot. It’s far too easy and uninspiring for someone who’s been told all their life that they have an eye for something. I’ve got two – one for seeing the world and one for seeing the world in its frame. What bokeh brings to this simple equation is a whole new other way of seeing. I enjoy the light and colour that it can capture, the way it can edit the way we look at people, objects and everything surrounding us. Manipulating the scenery of our day to day lives makes the world just a little bit more fascinating. Bokeh shows, that not everything is what it seems.



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  1. rhysatwork says:

    Paula, you constantly teach me new things. I always thought my preference for the blurry pics was because I had bad taste. Love your work. Cheers, Rhys

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