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Video – Boredom and Bokeh

This following video is by youTube user crevine, a video experiment using a Nikon d5000. Makes me want to hurry up and get my act together to purchase a digital SLR with video capabilities! Check it out:

Happy Snapping,


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4 Responses

  1. lucidphotos says:

    Hey Paula!

    Yeah video on the newer DSLRs is great… almost too good as it tends to distract you from what you bought the camera for… taking photos!
    I have bought a few things for my camera like the the Merlin Steadicam which is great fun!

    Here are a couple of personal favs done with the 5D Mark II!

    Take it easy!


    • Paula L says:

      Sorry for the late reply Adam! Thanks for sharing those links. I’ve been checking out a lot of 5D/7D videos with envy. I’ve also seen the Nikon D7000 in action, but I’m a Canon girl at heart🙂

  2. lucidphotos says:

    Oops! Sorry the second one is done with the 7D!

  3. lucidphotos says:

    In fact both are done with the 7D…. silly me!

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