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Video – Boredom and Bokeh

This following video is by youTube user crevine, a video experiment using a Nikon d5000. Makes me want to hurry up and get my act together to purchase a digital SLR with video capabilities! Check it out:

Happy Snapping,



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What the Nikon D7000 will bring for Bokeh-graphers

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the launch of Nikon’s soon to be released D7000 digital SLR camera. One of the exciting new features of this make for bokeh-graphers is its 39 AF (Auto-Focus) points. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means that when looking down the viewfinder of the D7000, the user will see 39 reference spots- usually in some sort of cross/rhombus formation, which can be individually selected or all combined to anchor a point within the image for the camera to focus automatically on. While this isn’t as superb as some of Nikon’s other models (the D300s boasts a whopping 51 focus points), it will be combined with a 2016-RGB pixel metering sensor allowing more colours in the RGB scale to be differentiated from the next pixel, equalling more focus and sharper images for users.

Why is this good news for bokeh?

The AF metering points are important to selectively focus on any subject, no matter the size. The more AF metering points available, the easier it is to focus without having to shift your camera away from the scene or when you are shooting a subject that you don’t want to disturb. Here are some bokeh examples where AF metering modes matter.

Shooting bugs:


Hey by @lbyper using a by-nc-sa license

Shooting fine features:

Sometimes I wish the days are longer..

Sometimes I wish the days are longer.. by CW Ye using a by-nc-nd license

Shooting small moving subjects:

Bee Speed!!!

Bee Speed!!! by Danny Perez Photography using a by-nc-nd license

Shooting subjects quickly that are off-centre:

Aircraft in Hanger

Aircraft in Hanger by mtsofan using a by-nc-sa license

Happy snapping!


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Introducing Bokehlicious

A bokeh of hearts

A bokeh of hearts

Oh sweet, sweet and delicious bokeh.

If you’re looking at the above photograph and wondering how on earth it was created, maybe stick around. Is it hard to do? No. Yes, I’m serious, it’s not that hard! What do I need, I hear you ask?

  • A single reflex camera (SLR). Of course, as this is an experimental technique, using digital may save you lots of money processing!
  • A lens with a large aperture (either 1.4 or 1.8). This will allow you to have a shallow depth of field – rendering everything in your image beyond a certain length, blurry.

These are the fundamental basics for bokeh. Creating images, like the hearts image, will require a little DIY work that is both inexpensive and fun at the same time. Here is a taste of things to come on Bokehlicious:



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