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The City At Night

I love the city of Sydney, especially at night. As cliché as it sounds, no matter where I am in the world, Sydney is always going to be the place I call home.

Last Friday, I wandered through the chill of an early spring evening with a friend who braved the cold to join me. Despite the chaos, traffic and bustling activity that usually occurs in cbd buildings, the bokeh effect gives each scene a very sombre and isolated feeling.

Ernst & Young.

Ernst & Young is my favourite corporate building in Sydney. It’s got an amazing architectural staircase that signifies for me, the beginning of the business end of CBD. Bright lights, symmetry, a plethora of lines. I’m hooked.

The rubbish truck at night

The night time rubbish crew, cleaning up when the working day is over.

Traffic to go

A night time traffic jam.

Hustle. Bustle. Silent, chaos. It’s always my home.


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Paula L

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