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Live music and the blurring of lights

Last night I was fortunate enough to be given free tickets to the U2 concert. While I couldn’t say that I actually listen to their music, they played all the hits to ensure that every fan and concert goer had a great time.

Turning the lights off at the 360 U2 Tour

The music was stops, but i couldn’t help thinking about photography the whole time. I found Bono to be incredibly photogenic, every action made was an image to be captured, inspiring awe with each movement. He worked his video cameras well, always found his light and remained animated from beginning to end. No wonder everyone in the audience had their cameras out the entire concert.

At one point of the concert, the 360 stadium turned all it’s lights off and Bono asked everyone to whip their mobiles out and to wave them about. I shot the image above with an iPhone 3G, hence the low quality, but you get the picture. The result, creating the milky way!

The video visuals on top of the stage then transformed to show bokeh lights! Again, shot with an iPhone 3G, but I was pretty stoked to witness some bokeh at a major concert:

Bokeh lights at the U2 concert, Sydney, 2010

Video visuals at the U2 360 concert, ANZ Stadium, Sydney. Snapped on an iPhone 3G - December 14, 2010

A pre-made visual of bokeh lights appeared on the circular screens, one of the features of the stage. The bokeh light visuals were used to frame Bono as he performed on stage, creating a magical concert atmosphere. It was a spectacular view from the stands watching the moshpit people waving their lights about.


Happy Snapping,


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The City At Night

I love the city of Sydney, especially at night. As cliché as it sounds, no matter where I am in the world, Sydney is always going to be the place I call home.

Last Friday, I wandered through the chill of an early spring evening with a friend who braved the cold to join me. Despite the chaos, traffic and bustling activity that usually occurs in cbd buildings, the bokeh effect gives each scene a very sombre and isolated feeling.

Ernst & Young.

Ernst & Young is my favourite corporate building in Sydney. It’s got an amazing architectural staircase that signifies for me, the beginning of the business end of CBD. Bright lights, symmetry, a plethora of lines. I’m hooked.

The rubbish truck at night

The night time rubbish crew, cleaning up when the working day is over.

Traffic to go

A night time traffic jam.

Hustle. Bustle. Silent, chaos. It’s always my home.


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